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[1]马 涛 赵 敏 王成业 冯 颖**.美洲大蠊可培养真菌多样性*[J].应用与环境生物学报,2019,25(04):1-5.
 A Tao,ZHAO Min,WANG Chenye & FENG Ying**.Diversity of cultivable fungi isolated from Periplaneta americana*[J].Chinese Journal of Applied & Environmental Biology,2019,25(04):1-5.





Diversity of cultivable fungi isolated from Periplaneta americana*
马 涛 赵 敏 王成业 冯 颖**
中国林业科学研究院资源昆虫研究所 昆明 650233
A Tao ZHAO Min WANG Chenye & FENG Ying**
Research Institute of Resource Insects, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Kunming 650233, China
yeast filamentous fungi reared wild risk of safety
以和野生为,其体表体内真菌,菌落形态,ITS rDNA片段测序和聚类分析进行菌鉴定,分析不同环境美洲大蠊体表和体内真菌多样性和相似性分离鉴定211个菌株划分为63个OTUs,至少隶属44属、25科17目,以子囊菌门和担子菌门为主,其中酵母菌占绝对优势(76.8%),丝状真菌占分离菌株的23.2%。野生环境下美洲大蠊的真菌数量和多样性131株,Shannon-Wiener指数=3.391)均高于环境80株,=3.140),二者物种相似度较低Sorenson系数0.3421);无论饲养还是野生体表真菌数量和多样性均高于体内,体内真菌物种半数以上饲养61.1%,野生57.9%)在体表同时检出,其中假丝酵母属、链状假丝酵母、尼泊尔德巴利酵母和哈萨克斯坦酵母属4个类群分布最广,在饲养和野生美洲大蠊的体表和体内均有检出。美洲大蠊携带真菌的潜力巨大,携带真菌与环境相关野生和饲养美洲大蠊体表体内均检出多种与条件致病菌和产毒真菌相关的物种,。
Fungi carried by Periplaneta americana were mainly studied from the angle of health pests. To date, there is no study on fungi carried by artificially rearing P. americana. In the present study, the fungi compositions carried by artificial rearing P. americana were explored, and so to provide some theoretical basis and reference for the health safety prevention and fungi control in breeding and utilization of the cockroach. Reared and wild P. americana were collected, and fungal strains were isolated from the external surface and internal parts of the insects, respectively. Isolates were identified based on ITS rDNA sequencing and cluster analysis. Fungal diversity was comparatively analyzed considering different parts of the insect body and different habitats of the insect. A total of 211 strains of fungi were isolated and grouped into 63 OTUs, which at least belonged to 44 genera, 25 families and 17 orders under Ascomycota, Basidiomycota and Zygomycota. The majority of the strains belonged to Ascomycota and Basidiomycota. Among the total strains, 76.8 % of the strains were yeasts, grouped into 37 OTUs; filamentous fungi were grouped into 26 OTUs and occupied 23.2% of the total strains. Both quantity and diversity of fungi associated with P. americana varied with its living environment. One hundred and thirty-one strains were isolated from the insects in natural environment with the Shannon-Wiener index of 3.391, while 80 strains were isolated from the reared insects with the Shannon-Wiener index of 3.140. Moreover, the similarity between living environments was low, with the Sorenson coefficient of 0.3421. Either in natural environment or artificial reared, more fungal strains and higher diversity were obtained from insect body surface than from its internal parts. More than half of the fungal species in internal parts (wild 57.9%, reared 61%) were detected from the body surface, among them, Candida、Diutina catenulata、Debaryomyces nepalensis and Kazachstania are the most prevalent groups, which were detected in external and internal parts of P. americana from both artificial reared and natural environment. Our results revealed the big potential of P. americana in carrying fungi. The correlation between fungi carried by P. americana and its living environment suggests that controlling the feeding environment can reduce the safety risk of rearing. Quite a variety of species from both wild and reared insects were possibly opportunistic pathogens and toxic or spoilage fungi, which need to be considered seriously in the development and utilization of P. americana


收稿日期 Received: 2018-10-29 接受日期 Accepted: 20119-01-29*中央级公益性科研院所基本科研业务费项目(riricaf2014002Z)Supported by the Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Public Research Institutions of the Research Institute of Resource Insects, Chinese Academy of Forestry (riricaf2014002Z)**通讯作者 Corresponding author (E-mail: yingf@hotmail.com)Field/Internal partsField/External surface
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